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As part of the academic initiative of the Higher Education Department of the Government of Kerala 26 Meritorious students and 4 faculty members from the department of FINE ARTS will be  visiting the M.S.UNIVERSITY, BARODA,Gujarat State.

The students and Faculty members from the R.L.V.College of Muisic and Fine Arts, left for Baroda on 10th October and will return on 20th October 2012. The Education team will interact with the Teachers and students of the department of Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture of the Faculty of Fine Arts in M.S.University. The authorities of M.S.University has provided all support for the proposed education programme. The team consists of 22 Boys and 4 Girl students.

The Academic improvement Programme is designed enabling the students to know about the teaching methodology , Curriculum , values of Painting,Sculpture and Applied Art and facilities available in similar institutions in India.

Sri.ABRAHAM JOSEPH, Lecturer in Painting, R.L.V.College of Music and Fine Arts,Tripunithura is leading the team.